Newcomer Inventions [Centre for Social Innovation]

2017-cdw-general-e-flyerCreative DW — We’re re-imagining the settlement process with artists, newcomers and service providers. Our arts-based methods challenge conventional thinking around settlement. We combine creative consulting contracts with unique training experiences to help newcomer professionals transition into the Canadian workforce.

Our first creative residency – which we called Newcomer Inventions (Nov/Dec 2016) – at the Centre for Social Innovation was partly a self-reflexive exercise in understanding the complexities of ‘doing something like this.’ Outcomes include the design of a new playground that invites the public to literally climb inside of the settlement experience, and a prototype for the first-ever Newcomers Satisfaction Index.

Next, Creative DW is partnering with Humber College on a research project with faculty and students to better understand the roles that the arts can play in the settlement process:

What is the history of the role that the arts and cultural sector has played in engaging newcomers and assisting them with the process of settlement? What is new in the recent surge of interest on the part of many arts and cultural organizations in engaging with newcomers? What is the range of methods, and approaches in use? This applied research project takes inventory of practices in use by the social service and arts and cultural sectors, toward the development of new tools, questions, possibilities, and further areas for exploration. This research project will produce new source of objective data on arts and cultural initiatives involving newcomers to Canada is completed, enabling the generation of new insights on how the arts and social services sectors can innovate and advance their practices around newcomer settlement.

In our early explorations, Creative DW/Newcomer Inventions was also supported by Dreamwalker Dance Company and Luminato Festival’s newcomers volunteer program.

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