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  • Case study of innovative collaborative ventures in the theatre community, commissioned by the Toronto Arts Foundation and Metcalf Foundation.
  • Taking inventory of the roles that the arts and cultural sector has played in engaging newcomers and assisting them with the process of settlement. A project in collaboration with Humber College.
  • Continued arts-based research for the Newcomer Inventions/Creative DW project, thanks to support from the Ontario Arts Council.
  • Researcher-in-residence with Dreamwalker Dance Company from 2014 – 2016. ‘Collaboration’ was a key research theme. One of the outcomes of the inquiry was a simple tool to help guide the development of positive creative collaborations. A copy of the tool is available for download here.
  • Research grant from the Ontario Arts Council for Invisible Art (it was more tangible than it sounds).
  • As co-facilitator of the Stand Firm Network, authored a coordinated response from leading culturally diverse arts organizations in Ontario and Manitoba for the Canada Council for the Arts’ 2010 Strategic Plan Consultation. The report was commended by network members as being ‘excellent,’ ‘a very succumbing document [that] tempered the conversation very well,’ ‘hitting the nail on the head,’ and most importantly, ‘outlined potential solutions.’ The Stand Firm Network was a capacity building program operated by the Equity Office at Canada Council; the program ran for 10 years before concluding in 2011.