Research & Consulting

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  • Newcomers & The Arts: Taking inventory of the roles that the arts and cultural sector has played in engaging newcomers and assisting them with the process of settlement. A research partnership with Humber College.
  • Generator and The RISER Project: Sector developers for independent theatre in Toronto, a research and discussion paper on innovative collaborative ventures commissioned by the Toronto Arts Foundation, Toronto Arts Council and Metcalf Foundation. More information available here.
  • Rewilding the arts ecosystem: A discussion paper on multidisciplinarity in the arts in Canada, commissioned by the network of Canadian Public Arts Funders. A report on 10 case studies of interdisciplinary, bio-art, social enterprise, socially-engaged, multidisciplinary and other boundary-blurring artists, collectives and arts organizations.
  • Researcher-in-residence with Dreamwalker Dance Company from 2014 – 2016. ‘Collaboration’ was a key research theme. One of the outcomes of the inquiry was a simple tool to help guide the development of positive creative collaborations. A copy of the tool is available for download here.
  • An internal review of Metcalf Foundation‘s Learning Network approach to enabling the understanding and sharing of insights in their Creative Strategies Incubator program.
  • Videos above: National Congress with Culture Days (national office). Bilingual host, knowledge translation (blog and 5-part video series) and more.