In Tandem @ ps: we are all here [The Dance Community Love-in, Toronto]

Created for the Toronto Dance Community Love-In’s annual festival, ps: we are all here, In Tandem is a participatory documentation project that highlights the random loveliness that occurs when people come together and share a secret part of themselves with one another in the same space.

Throughout the festival, audience members were invited to mime, mimic or otherwise physically represent for the camera a detail they recalled from the performances that they had just witnessed – be it the lighting, the sweat, a sound, the architecture, a movement phrase, a section, an article of clothing, or the look of a moment.

The resulting photo of their gesture, action, or pantomime was printed each with a different quote related to the themes of working, creativity, collaboration, and the alchemy of processes in tandem.

Facilitators: Christy Stoeten, Emma Echorostecki, Robyn Breen, Vanessa Faria, and Cristina M.

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