Marginalia is a new art thing I’ve been doing. The name comes from the literary term, “marginalia,” which refers to things like commentary, notes, allusions, references, and ideas scribbled in the margins of a book.

Marginalia can range from readers underlining or highlighting a text, to an editor’s footnotes, to other books or articles written by other people interpreting and responding to the original work.
Marginalia can be helpful, useful, interesting, illuminating, or something you tune out.

A few years ago, I started making what I call Marginalia for cultural events.

I create interactions, installations and interventions that respond to the performance, presentation, or exhibition. The interactions, installations and interventions take place in the margins of the event — in the lobby, before or after the show, during intermission, even perhaps off-site or simultaneously as the main event is presented.

Marginalia can:

  • offer audiences additional points of entry into the original work

  • appeal to different senses and sensibilities

  • give people some language, theory, ideas or interpretation to use or react to in their personal response or interpretation of the work

If you are interested in arts animation, cultural mediation, audience development, or public engagement, Marginalia is for you.
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Some samples of my work: