Workshopping Gertrude & Alice This Week

IMG_1626_webWe’re at Buddies workshopping Gertrude & Alice this week at Buddies in Bad Times. Today is official load-in day. Excitement. Pressure mounting. Friday and Saturday showings so very far and close ahead.
Originally we thought we’d have more time in the theatre, but things are what they are, so I have something like 3 days to set up the space with the Buddies crew and projection map it all somehow. With content that I am only just creating now. Hmmm. “It’s just a workshop!”
We’ve been having lots of laughs and the script is really coming along. Good times. Just hope I can string together some visual pieces interesting enough to lightly support the world they’ve sketched out in text. The suggestion of the kind of visual experience we could surround them in.
Gertrude & Alice is a play by The Independent Aunties (Anna Chatterton, Evalyn Parry and Karin Randoja) based on the lives of the trail-blazing literary genius Gertrude Stein and the quirky, devoted woman behind the genius, Alice B. Toklas. I’m designing set, costumes, and projections.. We’re mounting a rough ‘draft’ of the production this Friday and Saturday for feedback. Come by if you get a chance.
by the Independent Aunties


Buddies in Bad Times Theatre
Dec 19 & 20, 2014
8 pm
Free. Donations accepted.

A play about the lives, love and legacy of early twentieth-century writers and queer icons Gertrude Stein and Alice B. Toklas.

Gertrude Stein and Alice B.Toklas – embodied by Evalyn Parry and Anna Chatterton – appear before an audience this December 19th and 20th. They have come to find out how history has treated them and what has become of their artistic / cultural influence. Over the course of the play they enact scenes – both real and imagined – from their long marriage and grapple with how their lives and work are – or are not – remembered

Created by The Independent Aunties
Text by Anna Chatterton and Evalyn Parry with Gertrude Stein and Alice B. Toklas
Direction and Music by Karin Randoja
Design by Helen Yung
Dramaturgy by Soraya Papaya Peerbaye
Performed by Evalyn Parry, Anna Chatterton with Randi Helmers

*Developed as Artists in Residence at Buddies In Bad Times Theatre
*Funded by the Canada Council for the Arts, Ontario Arts Council and Toronto Arts Council


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