Scribbles you find when cleaning

I’m de-cluttering (a little) to get ready for the next 2 workshop weeks. Finding little scraps and bits all over the place. Like this note:
Frugal, considered decisions that leave room for Everything to be felt and experienced in 9 square meters.
I think I wrote that when I was trying out a new pen.
Feel like the new year is going to be about consolidation and writing. (Do I hope for that every year?) Asked the I Ching what to expect. Its reply: “Stagnation.” Hah.
Stagnation might be right if I don’t purge more soon. Drastic measures. De-cluttering is a bandaid atop what needs to be an amputation. Possibly. I’m too well-meaning, too open to possibilities. “But you never know…” Right, like that stick is worth hanging on to. Or that pile of old costumes. Gotta be more decisive and just get rid of things.

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