Interaction, installation and intervention in Sydney, Australia

SEAM Extension - Marginalia by Helen Yung, at Critical Path's SEAM2013 in Sydney, AustraliaI’m in Sydney, Australia for the SEAM2013 Symposium, thanks to support from the Canada Council for the Arts. Everybody told me it’d be summer here but mostly it’s been raining cats and dogs! I have to run down to the space and get ready for today but I thought I’d post about the intervention I’ve created and the (digital) installation that will come next week.
Below is an image of the intervention as printed on a square piece of vellum (translucent paper for architectural/scenographic drawings). The idea was to have the floor plan printed on one side and the text on the other. The page would then be folded up origami-style into a little “SEAM Extension” to the program book – that was the heading that the organizers gave to my Marginalia work, “SEAM Extension” …lovely heading isn’t it? Photo above shows the page folded up to magically slide into the corner of the program book. Ready for you to unfold and discover whenever you’re ready.
Then I realized/remembered printing on both sides of vellum makes both sides rather illegible. Hehe. OK. So I’ve shortened the text drastically:
SEAM Extension - Marginalia by Helen Yung, at Critical Path's SEAM2013 in Sydney, Australia
As you can see at the bottom of the diagram, it only provides brief instructions. Which means no one knows about the 3D experience that is to come… Surprise! That’s great because I love surprises.
Anyhow, here is the original text which does explain what will come next week:
Hello. This is SEAM Extension.
This is an invitation to record traces of your SEAM2013 experience on the floor plan provided. As you journey through this weekend – in and out of spaces, conversations, presentations and discussions – check in with yourself. How do you feel? What do you see? With lines, arrows, or other markings, how might you represent the interplay of ideas and flow of discussions? Bouncing, swirling, forceful, gentle, swaying, zooming, halting, disconnected then returning to a union or synthesis… What does a thought interrupted look like? Note the sounds (twinkle in the drone? clap of thunder amidst breezy calls?), textures (old leather? sandpaper? sopping wet?) and aromas real and imagined. Mark the places where you noticed an affect – some kind of stirring or sensation in you. Make visible the inner dance between you and the Symposium around you.
Next week, I will offer a 3D journey into my own experience of SEAM2013. Years ago, in theatre school as a budding designer, I was taught to draw floorplans, cross-sections and elevation drawings by hand. Today, I work primarily on the computer, using 3D drawing software. Since arriving on Monday from Canada, I have been recording traces of my experience of SEAM2013. The people, conversations, art, moments of interestingness, moments of introspection.
If SEAM2013 were a building, what would it look like? What sorts of somersaults, swooping, slinking, pacing, leaping, ping pong or dervish whirling movement, or colours, textures and shadows might represent the time I have shared with you?
I hope you will join me on this experiment, a journey inside digital, lyrical space:
Thank you.

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