Call for Proposals – We’re Putting Together A Conference in New York!

Culture of Cities Centre - NYC conference
Call for Abstracts
The Culture of Cities Centre, in conjunction with The Centre for Social Innovation,  Fales Library of New York University,and York University, invites abstracts for an upcoming conference:

Poeticizing the Urban Apparatus:

AUGUST 13-15th, 2013    ǀ     New York, NY

“The city is . . . poeticized by the subject: the subject has refabricated it for his or her own use by undoing the constraints of the urban apparatus and, as a consumer of space, imposes his or her own law on the external order of the city” (Michel De Certeau The Practice of Everyday Life Vol. 2: Living and Cooking, 1998, 13).
Social Innovation refers to a variety of activities that seek to change, modify, remake, and adapt existing practices in order to transform and strengthen civic society.  Despite a great interest in the topic, how the city itself provides an organizing form for the transformation of cultural practices and their reception remains underanalyzed.  By studying how scenes enable urban interaction and are generative of social change, this conference will engage new perspectives on cultural practices central to social innovation. In this context, innovation is dialectical in relation to time, social in its creation of a relationship among participants, and decisive in its appeal to new modes of engagement and action.
We welcome work that explores the diverse strategies and tactics aimed at transforming city life by reconfiguring social interaction, refashioning public spaces, extending the sensory experience of the city, developing new modes of activism and social change, as well as related topics. Possible topics include:
  • The particular connection between city life and fashion and other modes of stylistic innovation.
  • Practices of construction and renovation that revivify the urban built environment.
  • New techniques or approaches for representing the urban experience in a range of media —film, television, literature, art practices and theatre, and others.
  • Cultural events and institutions designed to facilitate new forms of political participation, community formation, and environmental sustainability.
  • The peculiar temporality of innovation and the tangle of past, present and future in innovative practices; historical antecedents for contemporary cultural innovations.
  • Merging categories and lines of division in innovation: public/private space, digital/print culture, the avant-garde/the popular.
  • New modes of political economic organization and commerce—for example, pop-up retail, supper clubs, and gift economies.
The program will feature plenary speakers, panels of scholarly presentations, art events and Future Food Salon.  Participants from each area are invited to discuss future directions in scholarship, creative practice, and activism at the concluding roundtable brunch.
We invite presentations from scholars, artists, designers, urban planners, architects, social enterprises and activists interested in the character of cultural innovation in the contemporary city.
The normal presentation format will be a 20-minute talk as part of a panel of 3-4 speakers followed by questions and discussion.
Proposals for other forms of participation (performances, exhibitions/screenings, roundtables) will also be considered.
The conference will be held at the Centre for Social Innovation’s new space in the Chelsea neighbourhood in New York City, on 24th Street and 11th Avenues.
Send abstracts (250-300 words), as well as institutional affiliation to
Deadline for Abstract Submission: May 8, 2013
Notification of Acceptance: May 17, 2013
May 18 – June 15, 2013
Students/Artists/Ind. Scholars:  $85.00
Faculty: $225.00
After June 16, 2013
Students/Artists/Ind. Scholars:  $115.00
Faculty:  $285.00
Registration includes a ticket for the Future Food Salon, art events, closing brunch and coffee.

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