Got a typewriter from the Arts Market

my new typewriter
Things are almost winding down with the mall art project. This weekend I got to go again as artist, and this time, for the first time, to perform creation in a shopping mall with my new typewriter in tow. Previously, I’d been wearing (uncomfortably) the director’s hat and working as researcher/documentarist for much of the expeditions.
I had a lot of fun writing short texts ( prose poems ) on my new Royal portable typewriter, inspired by conversations with people at the mall.
(Still need to order some new ribbon!)
Grateful to Daniel Cohen at the Arts Market on Queen East for cutting me a great deal on this lovely writing machine.
If you haven’t been by, definitely go check Daniel’s market out. Great indoor market with art, artisan & vintage items.
And if you’re an artist looking for a place to promote and sell your work, they have a vendor application page. Aside from hooking me up with this new-old machine, Daniel is supporting local artists by creating & coordinating this space for everyone to have the opportunity to build a regular clientele. Great initiative to support and get involved in.

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