Crazy week ahead – time for some homemade cookies!

homemade cookies - freshly baked from frozen dough thanks to my sister!This is a deadline-laden week. Have two this morning. Met one last night. Another three or four ahead. I feel like a Boxing Day Sale ad: Everything must go! 
Fortunately I have an amazing sister with an amazing freezer full of amazing homemade goodies. Last night, she brought over some homemade cookie dough. I requested “something with chocolate” and was rewarded with moist dark-chocolate-marshmallow-cranberry chewy cookies.
Didn’t feel like waiting and spending time forming perfect-looking cookies so I just chopped the frozen dough up with a good knife and slapped the cubes on a piece of parchment paper. Ten minutes later, see photo above. They taste soooooo good.
So good I managed to stay up an extra hour to edit together some video for the Making Invisible Art project.
Uh, speaking of videos, I have to get back to these two video scripts I’m working on. Hope you’ve got a good cookie nearby. Happy Monday!

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