Toronto’s Digital Dramaturgy Lab: a new practice-based research group

Digital Dramaturgy Lab (Toronto)

Last night I went to my first event with the new Digital Dramaturgy Lab. Great group, and a great idea initiated by Dr. Antje Budde from U of T along with some of her students at U of T, and colleagues from York. As I understood it, the Digital Dramaturgy Lab aims to coalesce a community of practice for folks investigating art and digital practices. Very cool.
At one point in the “BRainSTorm” (an open / generative discussion) someone brought up the notion of “engineering of intent” which someone else said was “what we call dramaturgy and what those media guys call design.” What is intentional engineering, dramaturgy and design? I suppose in literature we would just call that story. Not plot (which is what happened), but story (what the text is really about). The meaning behind all the stuff on the surface.
There are differences between the various terms – engineering of intent, dramaturgy, design, story – they belong to different fields; they have to address different perspectives/areas. But I appreciate the resonance: story, engineering with intent, dramaturgy, and design are all simply about striving for meaningfulness combined with, ideally, some degree of elegance and/or artfulness.
I talked to the group a bit about my previous project, Gulliver, and my current work to go further with hybrid puppetry. Aiming to invite the DDL folks down for a lab / work-in-progress visit in mid or late April.
Time flies so quickly. We’re already nearing the end of February.
Yikes, back to work!

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