New handmade book / booklet / chapbook

I made a new book, and people say they like it.
“Beautiful! and meaningful”… “honest and clear”… “fantastic”… “really resonate with me”…
This one is named wild swans / all of us. 
It’s nice to collect some scraps of writing every now and then, and to share them with people. Print it on some nice paper, give it a cover, take it for a quick zip through the sewing machine, and boom! a slim little volume of poetry. Also known in some circles by some people as a chapbook. Let me know if you’d like to receive a hard copy. (Or if you’d like me to send it to someone you know…)
I posted one of the poems on Fictionaut; you can read “the swan drives a car” here.
P.S. If you’re on my list but haven’t received your copy yet, hang tight. Postal service might take a little longer to reach you. Let me know in a week or so if you still haven’t gotten yours.
wild swans / all of us - poems by helen yung

4 responses to “New handmade book / booklet / chapbook

  1. I received the lovely book of poems yesterday in the mail (I love getting things in the mail. It reminds me that the postal system is not obsolete, nor is it merely used to get bills). My favourite poem is the first one “this is one of those nights”, it seemed to resonate with me. I’m a bit of a tactile person so I really enjoyed running my fingers over the waxy cover as well as the textured, thicker-than-normal paper. The stitching was nice too, with it being brightly coloured thread on the inside! :)

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