It’s A New Year

pretty flowers from a friendIt’s not spring yet – not for a looong time – but my friend Alison gave me some lovely tulips for my birthday. (Check out Alison’s handmade bags and accessories here. Made in Toronto!)
So cheerful and inspiring to look at while plans (& planning) for 2013 get underway….
Last year was a bit exhausting. I visited 9 countries on 4 continents in 12+ weeks, spread over 12 months, and started/completed a bunch of experiments. Now I’m trying to figure out my plans for 2013.
How do you balance “just doing things” (i.e. open experimentation, time to play) and “getting things done”?
I’ve been thinking about the notion of “living mindfully” versus “living a meaningful life.” I don’t think living mindfully is the same as living meaningfully. Being mindful is not meaningless but not meaningful enough – for me. Can I say I want both?

One response to “It’s A New Year

  1. Those are gorgeous tulips and Alison’s shop looks really cool! Hope to hear more about what you’re doing.

    Can you live a mindfully meaningful life (paying attention to things around you as well as your own core values)?

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