Art-Tree Intervention In Buenos Aires

While I was in Argentina, Maria introduced me to her musician-painter friend Valeria Lina Di Meglio. The two of them had planned an art intervention at a bar called Espacio Dada in Palermo (hip, touristy/downtown-ish neighourhood of Buenos Aires). When I showed up in town out of the blue, the ladies happily invited me to take part. This is what we made:
Maria’s practice is growing increasingly focused on creating work using garbage or found materials. She and Valeria have also been collaborating around visuals + music. Here is one example. Here’s another, which Maria made while I was visiting. Aren’t they great?
Here are a few more photos of the art intervention…
The collaborators - Valeria, Angel, Maria and me. Valeria and Maria collaging their art intervention. Laura, one of Maria's students, checking out my origami. Espacio Dada in Buenos Aires
Art Intervention In Buenos Aires Dec 2012

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