Opening Gala for Designing 007: Fifty Years of Bond Style

Designing 007 : Fifty Years of Bond Style

I was preparing some copy about Foundation Creative Studio‘s 3 new installations for the Bond Gala when I realized – I haven’t posted anything about the Gala at all!
Next Thursday, October 25, the Toronto International Film Festival’s Bond Gala will “roll out the red carpet” for the North American premiere of the Designing 007 exhibition. The Gala organizers invite you to “step into a world of distinctively flamboyant British luxury” for a glamorous evening of “adventure and intrigue.” Proceeds from the commemorative event will go to supporting TIFF programming and education initiatives.
Aside from the Bond-like martinis, exotic hors d’oeuvres, casino games and live music performances, a ticket to the gala will also get you in to see 3 new interactive installations by a talented group of Canadian artists and designers:
A fun, glamour-meets-danger project, Featuring You As The International Intelligence Agent invites the guests at this black-tie gala to live out their dreams of being an international spy. Ever wanted to be a character in the iconic opening sequence of a James Bond film? What’s your hidden agenda? How will you work way through the party without being detected? Your mission is to make your way to the secret bunker (hint: check the loading docks) and get your spy gadgets before the enemy gets you… Foundation Creative Studio and its collaborators offer gala guests an opportunity to create their own memorable “007 moments” while dressed to the nines.
That’s my favourite part – you get to do as Bond does, down to the doing-your-spy-stuff-while-dressed-up-in black-tie-gala-attire. The installations are site-specific – spread throughout the Lightbox – making them only available as a 1-night-only experience. (Wouldn’t it be awesome if TIFF let people play spy games in the cinemas and loading docks every day?)
Unfortunately, ticket prices for this glam Gala are, um, “glam” as well. See here. Again, proceeds will go to supporting TIFF programming and education initiatives. So if you’re a TIFF or film fan, this could be a fun way to show your support.
Designing 007: Fifty Years of Bond Style is the largest and most comprehensive exhibition ever devoted to the James Bond franchise, featuring costumes, props, models, gadgets, concept artwork, storyboards, special effects, and more.
Led by Tom Kuo of Foundation Creative Studio, the interactive new media team includes Andrew Lovett-Barron (, David Eagan (, James Eberhardt ( and Academy-Award-nominee Alex Kurina ( with assistance from Derivative (TouchDesigner) and APG (video wall).

Designing 007 - Fifty Years of Bond Style


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