Come see my work: Nov 23, 24 & 25

The Whole Shebang 2012 - presented by Dreamwalker Dance Company

If you’re in Toronto this November, please consider joining me for 1 : 2 : 1 and other Inquiries into Identity – The Whole Shebang 2012:
Featured artists of one : two : one will raise questions about Identity by exploring the concepts of twinning, mirroring and unison through movement, sound, spoken text, video, puppet theatre, mirrors and photography. There are works by identical twins and fraternal twins and wannabe twins and also works that explore artistic twinning and the pairing of diverse individuals. The works create a set of inquiries about how one can become two and how two can become one.
For this show, I am making a new set of Interstitials, which are essentially a form of experiential Marginalia (something I’ve been developing over the past few years; you can watch a video or read about it here) but also different, unique, special to the way Andrea Nann and I work together. That’s all I will say for now. Hope to blog more about the work in the coming weeks.
Details about the show:
1 : 2 : 1 and other Inquiries into Identity–The Whole Shebang 2012
Presented by Dreamwalker Dance Company
At Dancemakers and the Centre for Creation
November 23 & 24 @ 8pm
November 24 & 25 @ 2pm
The Historic Distillery District
9 Trinity Street, Studios 313 + 314, Toronto
Tickets: available online
More about the show from the press release:
Inspired by the vision of artistic director Andrea Nann, festival audiences will be drawn into a programme of immersive performances, where the historic Distillery will act as a creative canvas for designers Ken Mackenzie and Oz Weaver (production & lighting), Elysha Poirier (video), Helen Yung (interstitials), Tom Kuo (sound), and Janelle Rainville (stage manager). In addition, the festival will also feature a series of engaging talks by local artists. A tremendous line-up of critically acclaimed artists will contribute to the festival this year, including Kate Alton, Kate Franklin, Kate Holden, Johanna Bergfeldt, Pulga Muchochoma, Alex & Ben Kamino, Susannah & Katie Mackay, The Puppetmongers, Lucy Rupert, Brendan Wyatt, Kathrin Ollroge, Markus Stahl, Neema Bickersteth, Xin Wang and more!

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