Fill out this survey for a chance to win free art (and to help me make some too)

I am making a secret. Actually, hundreds of secrets. Will you help? It’s easy, just fill out this survey (below).
And if you feel so inclined, please ask some of your friends and family to fill the survey out too. The more the merrier!
Also, if you like carrots: I am giving away my comps (free tickets) to The Whole Shebang 2012, which is where I will be presenting my secrets. And I have an extra copy of Peter Ackroyd’s retelling of The Death of King Arthur with beautiful cover art by Stuart Kolakovic. See here for pictures. If you fill out the survey by 9pm Eastern Time, October 31, 2012, your name goes in a hat for a random draw. If you fill out the survey early (by 9pm Eastern Time, October 26, 2012), your name will go in the hat twice.
Two winners will be drawn: One will get my free tickets, and the other, my extra copy of Ackroyd’s book.

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