Nuit Blanche wrap-up

Post-event update: Saturday’s Nuit Blanche went off great. Noa said my Luminance intervention created a bit of a traffic jam during the night (people would stop on the stairwell to view the work through the two big windows) and she’s already said we should work together again. I’m thrilled that so many friends stopped by and called or messaged to say how much they liked them. “Beautiful… zen… how did you make them?… weightless… looks like they’re floating… so peaceful…”
Big shout outs and thank you to Tom KuoKevin Yung, Jeffrey Lee, Kerry Panchoo,  Alex KurinaAllison Saretsky, and Noa Bronstein and everyone else at the Gladstone Hotel for all their help and support.
“Up in the back, behind the Gladstone, where it’s dark. You’ll see.” Luminance is about dropping mystery, light and beauty into the urban/suburban wild.

Detail of Luminance inside the Nuit Blanche pre-party



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