Drink ’til 4am at the Gladstone Hotel this Saturday (Nuit Blanche)

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Art, drinks + wild experiences to be had at the Gladstone this Saturday from 7pm – 7am. They’ve pushed last call to 4am. Some beautiful works going up. Above are some photos of my project, Luminance.
“Up in the back, behind the Gladstone, where it’s dark. You’ll see.” Luminance is about dropping mystery, light and beauty into the urban/suburban wild.
Just got home from the pre-Nuit Blanche party at the Gladstone Hotel. Was invited by Noa Bronstein, the curator to install early so the artwork would be up during the pre-party hosted by the City of Toronto for all the artists and curators of this year’s Nuit Blanche. Glad I got a trail run at it before the Saturday rush. Am so tired but this’ll hopefully mean I’ll be a free-er woman come Saturday.
Glad people loved the light sculptures so much. Someone said they wished the pieces could be there for longer. And that they wished their office faced the back roof (where my project is installed). Hope others will like them Saturday too. Sleeping in tomorrow!

5 responses to “Drink ’til 4am at the Gladstone Hotel this Saturday (Nuit Blanche)

  1. Wow!!! The lights are gorgeous, they have a bit of a calm happy feel in my opinion. A tad zen too!

    {love it}

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