Beautiful TIFF premiere last night

Last night Toronto filmmaker Peter Mettler premiered his new film, The End of Time at the Toronto International Film Festival.
I’m pretty sure I never saw a rough cut but I guess I must’ve seen some bits and pieces of footage here and there over the years because there were segments that I remembered seeing. Or maybe Peter just described it so vividly…
Sorry, I can’t muster up the energy to say anything intellectual or coherent about the film right now – just got back from the first of 3 mall (art) experiments; then raced home to clean up before a weekend house guest arrives – so all I can say for now is: Go see it! And I’m not just saying this because he’s a friend. It really is a beautiful meditation on time, rare and so enjoyable to watch someone take their “time” to contemplate a subject and offer up some thoughts in the form of visual-conceptual poetry in motion. Go see it.

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