“An American Promenade” – a new collective art project

“You have to make time.”
This morning I made time to clear some more debris out of my studio to make room for a new collective art project called Paseo por America. Initiated by fellow artist Maria Colombo in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Paseo por America is a mail art project that aims to create a multi-authored piece that reflects the participants’ visions of the concept of “America.”
Also known as “An American Promenade,” Paseo por America began in Buenos Aires (Argentina), the second stage will be Ontario (Canada), continuing in  Chicago (Estados Unidos), Morelia (Méjico), Bogotá (Colombia), Tucumán (Argentina) and then will return for an exhibit in Buenos Aires where it all started.
Guess who is the participating artist in Ontario? Yes… and I have already unwittingly failed my collaborators.
1. I somehow missed the group email inviting me to participate.
2. Fortunately I was included albeit unbeknownst to myself. The canvas, however, arrived (most mysteriously!) at my doorstep the day before I left for two months.
3. Since returning home, I’ve been waiting for my studio renovations to get finished.
4. It’s only today that I unrolled the canvas and re-read the instructions ONLY TO REALIZE that I was only supposed to have 20 days to contribute my part.
5. Also, the post office was not too kind to the painting. As you will see in the photos that I’ll be adding to the project’s blog, the piece got banged up pretty badly on its journey to me.
Well, at least today I unrolled it. Sat with a cup of mate and contemplated the painting/collage that Maria has made…
Starting from a 120 cm x 80 cm, white canvas, and using the collage technique, each artist will show the concept “America” (in its maximun expression) from his or her own idiosyncratic point of view.
This is going to be fun.

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