Quick photo break then back to work!

I need to get a proper camera that lets me do white balancing. Here’s a quick photo I took of my newly renovated studio using my iphone. (We took out three-quarters of the wall separating the 2 rooms to make one L-shaped studio.) As you can see, the brilliant sunlight streaming through my double windows are tricking the iphone into squinting so that the rest of the room seems awfully dark and dim by comparison. Oh well. You kinda get the idea.
Plus I still have to put everything away and reorganize the books and files and piles of art supplies before a really good photo is worthwhile.
Can’t foresee that happening for a good little while! These past few weeks I’ve been trying to wrap up my program recommendations to CPAMO (more on that later) while organizing all my art projects happening this fall/winter (not complaining!) all the while working on a new multi-year grant application for Culture Days. Yes! Culture Days! I’m back with the project for just a few weeks (over soon!) just until this grant application is done.
I don’t miss the constant work of Culture Days but it’s been pretty nice sitting back with the major goals in mind and dreaming up how the work will all get done. And then finding compelling ways to describe it all.
Ah, grantwriting.
Back to work.

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