First day back in the studio

Wow, it feels as if it’s been years since I was here. In the studio. Working at my desk. And posting to the blog. All those things.
The renovations took a lot longer than anticipated. And there are still a few more things to do… And there were definitely moments when I wondered, “what was I thinking??” But now (most of) that is behind me and I’m basking in delight and joy over how much better light, air, and energy flows through.
The photo below doesn’t do justice to the renovations whatsoever. I’ll have to post a better one tomorrow that shows the double window + wall cut-out view. It does show, however, the cat reclaiming the reading couch after many months away. The only reason why she’s not grinning like a Chesire is because I’d been vacuuming just earlier. And she hates the vacuum. Also, I think she wanted to be fed.
Re-read Artaud’s The Theatre And Its Double today. Did some research and brainstorming for a name for the upcoming November show. Wish I’d gotten around to working on the group painting project that my friend Maria has initiated. It’s called Paseo Por America and it’s going to be awesome.
Well, tomorrow is another day.

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