Dinner with Virginia Woolf and Tilda Swinton

Dinner in St-Erme with Amsterdam and England-Berlin
Had a nice dinner with the woman from Amsterdam and the woman from England via Berlin. Amsterdam was grilling aubergines and courgettes when I walked in. England-Berlin was making a salad and later opening up a package of mackerel. I made gypsy soup with my 1 carrot and 2/3 tomato remaining from IIM, 2/3 zucchini from today, and 1 and 1/2 onions and 2 small potatoes from the communal pile on the kitchen island. Fortunately there were many spices that I could use too: cayenne pepper, dried green onions, tumeric, and fish sauce.
It was a nice dinner.
Amsterdam is so beautiful. She has a face and wavy grey-brown hair that reminds me of Virginia Woolf. Meanwhile England-Berlin resembles Tilda Swinton. Amsterdam was saying to England-Berlin, “I wanted to ask to take your photo, but I thought you are so busy working, finishing before you leave.” England-Berlin said, “no, I would love to, it won’t take long after all, will it?” And because Amsterdam said that England-Berlin looks like Tilda Swinton, they started to talk about Swinton’s films. “Did you see her in that last film?” “Which one? The one set in Italy? I Am Love? That one?” “No.” And now I can’t quite remember the name of the other one. It’s All About someone or other…? Anyhow, next England-Berlin asked if Amsterdam had seen Orlando. From the sidelines, I giggle.
“She’s great in it.”
“Yes. Orlando is a book by Virginia Woolf.”
Amsterdam nods.
“Orlando is this character that goes back in time and changes from woman to man and woman again. So it’s quite perfect for her, Tilda Swinton I mean.”
This was all very funny and beautiful. Amsterdam looks just like Virginia Woolf. Less melancholy and a great deal more happy, I should think. But tall, lean, feminine in a statuesque sort of way. With long grey-brown hair that waves around the edges of a face that sees, and skin that has felt sun, laughter and inclement weather.
I wonder if she knows her resemblance?
Amsterdam is a photographer.
England-Berlin is an art historian and critic.
I am here reflecting. And thinking of what to do next.

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