St-Erme for writing and reflection …with peacocks!

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Some photos from St-Erme where I’m stopping in for a few days to collect my thoughts, ideas, and impressions following the last two weeks in Charleville-Mezieres.
I had wanted to distill some notions into sensible proposals or outlines (for art projects) but today I read a lot (Spinoza, Sontag, web) and felt very satisfied. When I couldn’t read anymore I wandered into a neighbouring studio where a new troupe had arrived from Paris today and were rehearsing some experimental jazz pieces. It was nice to take in some live music while the dust settled upstairs.
Next to me, the dancer in the group was writing and writing and writing… I thought they were poems but sounded like she was saying they were just notes and impressions of the work in progress. Feedback, as it were.
I told her I’ve never met a dancer who wrote so much. Not the quantity, of course, but I meant the impulse to express oneself through words rather than “The Body.” She shrugged and said one does what one must.

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