They’ve gone and done it. (Duck tongue, that is. )

Just spotted on Twitter: The Beast Restaurant is serving pan-fried duck tongue with favas, cherry tomatoes, and kimchi. Photo here. And as one commenter wrote:
The thing is, I eat most things. Innards, ends, pork blood, you name it. Among the list of things I don’t eat, at the very very top is duck tongue. In fact, I would put it ahead of insects and bugs. I haven’t intentionally ingested insects or bugs – but since we allegedly unwittingly do this already – I’d be game to try some spicy, crunchy crickets or a chocolate-covered bug or two. (Come to think of it, I’ve had tea made out of bees before. I think that’s what that was. Sure looked furry. Will try to find a photo.)
So how come I can’t do duck tongue?
I have one aunt who makes duck tongue regularly. The way my family (those who will eat it) gets excited about duck tongue makes me salivate. Every time, I think, “OK I’m going to do it. Gotta try it. I know I’m gonna love it.” And then I step to the plate, look down, balk and run away.
They just… look so… ergonomic.
(photo from a blog called “Heaven of Food”)
See what I mean? The glaze looks nice and all. But the thought of putting the tongue on my tongue and chomping through the ergonomic ondulations of the thing that helped the duck go “quack quack” just grosses me out.
And while I’ve tried to convince others to try duck tongue (so they can tell me how it tastes and maybe warm me to the idea) I would never have thought of making people pay to eat the svelte little buggers.
So, to The Beast: Respect.
Toronto restaurants are rocking the offals and off-putting like genuine tastemakers (because they are!). #Civicpridemoment.
Hey maybe I’ll try duck tongue next time, if someone makes them for me like this:


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