Today I met some puppets and ate half a round of cheese

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I couldn’t help it (the cheese). You can read about Saint Marcellin cheese here (by David Lebovitz) in which he also mentions my favourite French pastry, les paris brestsas discussed yesterday. (Yes, I know, you love paris “breasts” too. Haven’t heard that before.)
Above are just a few of the puppets I met today. I’m terrible with names, sorry.
Watched some marvellous videos and read some wonderful books today too.
Qu’est-ce qui fait la spécificité du théâtre de marionnette ? Dans les cultures du monde il semble que ce soit de pouvoir aborder, avec simplicité, naturel, toute la distanciation nécessaire, un regard amusé, les questions essentielles, la vie, l’amour, la mort.
What defines puppet theatre (specifically, setting it apart) ? Within world culture, it seems that this would be the power to tackle with simplicity, naturalness, all the necessary detachment, a bemused look, the essential questions – life, love, death.
That’s a quote from an essay by Alain Guillemin. In the essay he decides that an international exposé on the sexual lives of puppets is necessary. It was interesting. And I learned a new phrase: le fausse pudeur – false modesty.
How is it 10:30pm already? Time flying by so quickly. Wish I read French more fluently. Come to think of it, just wish my French were perfect already. Someone needs to design a French class specifically for working artists and cultural professionals. (Hmmm… well now there’s an idea. Anyone game to create such a class with me?)
Oh and one of the photos above is of a carnival ride named “Splendid 2000.” I thought it too splendid to not share. (The carnival ride was set up for tonight’s Fête de la musique. Unfortunately much of the festival has been cancelled – the stuff outdoors anyway – as result of the stormy weather. Didn’t stop some cd djs from doing their business on the street.)

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