Today I made an important new discovery

On Wednesdays, the resource centre is closed for an hour at 1pm so when I was booted out at lunch today I went for a walk. South (?) of the carousel and fountain, on a little street filled with the finer things in life, a sign in the window of a patisserie caught my eye – something about a famous specialty. In I went and out I came with un carolo.

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According to the trusty Internet, the carolo was created in 1962 by pastry chef Michel Delattre (now retired). He dreamed up this delightful almond-meringue-meets-praline-cream pastry in homage to the residents of the city. The tradition is being honoured today by Monsieur and Madame Deloffre.
It’s not le paris brest (my favourite French pastry also filled with praline cream and dusted happily with powdered sugar) but the meringue is so pleasantly light, like a marshmallow… and I love almond meringue. (Some years ago in Toronto, a friend introduced me to Maxim’s almond meringue with whipped cream and strawberries. Love at first bite.) Now that I think about it, the meringue might’ve been a bit chewier than would be normal because of the humid conditions. Will have to go back and sample the work – I mean pastry – again when the weather’s drier.
My favourite line: “A consommer sans modération…” To be enjoyed without moderation…

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