Art in Paris: Daniel Buren’s Monumenta

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Left Toronto Friday night, arrived in Paris Saturday noon-ish. Traffic was terrible. Hadn’t slept well in the days leading up to departure, and now I’m fighting jet lag. Sunday morning I had just enough time to go see Daniel Buren’s installation, Monumenta at the Grand Palais, before attending the baptism of a friend’s lovely daughter. Traffic being, once again, terrible, I had to miss the reception afterwards so that I could be sure of catching the 6:30pm train to Charleville-Mezières. Made it.
Now in Charleville-Mezières. Have taken over a desk in the resource centre and acquired a stack of books to my left. Time to get cracking. Only 10 days to mine all the wonderful books, videos and magazines they have here for ideas for my next puppetry experiment. Ack!
(…Am still feeling very sleepy! Yesterday – Sunday – after seeing Monumenta I felt the world spinning so I finally had to find a park bench, put my head on my purse and take a nap. Last night I thought I would finally get to sleep some 9 hours straight, but at three in the morning the fire alarm went off. My temporary studio is in a big villa with puppetry students and other researchers. I enjoyed the excitement (the culprit was a cigarette – prohibited indoors but smokers do persist – but there was no fire – just took a while before someone figured out how to turn off the alarm) but wow do I need sleep or what…)

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