The many voyages of Gulliver the puppet

Gulliver the puppet

Gulliver and Helen Yung at the Harbourfront Centre’s 2011 October HarbourKIDS weekend.

This June, I’ve been invited for a research residency in France to explore ways of going further with my hybrid puppetry experiments. Gulliver’s been living in my basement. It’s dark, cool, not too dry, not wet. I don’t know if the two of us can make it across the ocean together, yet. I’m contemplating making a mini-Gulliver.

(It’s not as if I don’t want to bring him. But I made the voyage to Montreal last year with just the two of us. I still can’t quite explain how I got the big treasure chest down the stairs on my own. Not sure I’m ready to repeat that yet.)

The research residency is at L’Institute international de la marionnette (International Puppetry Institute) in Charlesville-Mezieres in northeastern France. They’ve offered me accommodations, access to their international resources and network, and a tidy little stipend.


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