“Do you feel tired, bleh, grey, dead inside?”

International Dance Day“Before you reach for the bottle, consider Art instead.”

I think we need a communications campaign focused on the arts as every person’s secret weapon against depressed spirits, boredom, restlessness, and moodiness.

I love that it’s National Dance Week (Canada’s first!) and I love that my Twitter stream is full of messages about the week…

But to be honest I am not taking the time to read all the news and information. (Except for Yoko Ono’s DIY dance festival…) Who has time??

I keep up on arts news because it’s part of my job. I used to read much more arts news because I was still ambitious about my consulting practice in the arts and cultural sector.

Now I’m mostly focused on being an artist. Which is kind of like being focused on making lunches for people. Most of the time, I only care about news that amuses me or helps me live my life better.

I would care more about National Dance Week if the point wasn’t to promote dance but to promote how dancing more and seeing more dance will make me healthier, more creative, and more successful.

I know, right? Dance really does do those things. Make you healthier, more creative, and ultimately more successful. So why don’t we make a communications campaign around that messaging?

….To my colleagues who are organizing National Dance Week – thank you, I love you, this is not meant to be negative. Just some vaguely controversial thoughts that went through my mind. Floating this out there for discussion. Tell me your thoughts.


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