Housekeeping / true miscellany : post-show wrap up, strange dreams, work ahead (and behind)

The duet show (“When Aquamarine”) went well. People literally gasped and virtually cried (with glee / delight) when I gave the souvenir of drawings and found texts. That’s my favourite part about working in the performing arts: You get to be there for the audience reaction. Good or bad, you get to see it, feel it, hear it. Writing is an awful bore; most of your life is spent waiting to hear back from people.

If you have a friend who is a writer and shares their writing with you – do them a favour and be vocal and visceral about your reaction as soon as humanly possible. Don’t wait.

. . .

It was strange, I don’t remember how it started but the post-show Q&A somehow started to revolve around this notion of the duet being intensely “personal” to the dancemakers – and by extension, to the rest of the creative team.

I found this odd, but was too flushed in the moment to put my finger on it: While Andrea (the choreographer) works intuitively, and invites everyone – from the interpreters (dancers) to the creative team members to the audience – to see into the work as they wish, the work itself is not “personal,” if by personal you mean “biographical” or “autobiographical.”

The work is the work. It’s our individual interpretations (including that of the choreographer and the interpreters) that are personal, biographical or autobiographical.

The souvenirs I had created for the show point to this using the language of the Symbolists. The work (the dance) is a symbol. As a symbol, the work’s meaning is both fixed and flexible (or open).

For the twentieth-century Symbolists, the successful symbol stands for something in the poem (in the writer’s mind) while alludes to many more meanings (mystical / open possibilities).

. . .

I want to write about the crazy dreams I had a few nights ago. But maybe I’ll just say all the symbols in the dreams pointed to change, development, transition, knowledge, intuition, and some kind of place in the world.

. . .

I’ve been feeling like I should really break my Miscellany blog into at least two separate sites, maybe three. It would be more organized. But maybe I just need to reorganize this one. Get a custom template made….

This is a line of internal inquiry that never really gets anywhere. Instead, I should be working on some pseudo-nursery rhymes (with strange, creepy characters) for a collaborative project, writing reports (as usual!), and preparing proposals for new ideas.

I’d really like to be working in the countryside. Never knew I’d dislike the city so much.


2 responses to “Housekeeping / true miscellany : post-show wrap up, strange dreams, work ahead (and behind)

  1. Wow! Sounds so cool. Decided to check out your blog :)
    I totally agree with reacting big when reading a writer-friend’s work. A teensy bit of exaggeration can’t hurt. The souvenir is a nice touch to a show. (I mean, who doesn’t like keeping a little something).

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