Booklets done! In the mail, on their way


Only a few left. I’ve run out of the inside paper (for the text itself) so I’m not sure if I will make anymore…

(I started these two weeks ago.)


4 responses to “Booklets done! In the mail, on their way

  1. I just received the booklet in the mail today. After work I was very excited to have something new to read while I tried to keep warm during our typical, albeit tardy, Chicago winter. Luckily Helen’s writing and storytelling were a welcome escape from the day to day. Even in the few short pages that I read I was drawn in. I believed the existence of the characters, their personal decisions and even the more major characters’ personalities.I sincerely hope there are more stories by Helen to read soon as I ate up this sample and if celebrating Helen’s birthday simply means enjoying more of her writing I wish her the happiest of birthdays and hope for many, many more.

  2. so, i just turned 30. was working all day today. but stopped 10 min before midnight, having decided to take all of my bday and weekend off. no working. this is clearly a rare event for me. clock hit midnight and i cracked open my bottle of baileys, poured a glass and sat down finally to read your book. i finished it. and i’m still smiling. it was a lovely read. thx for the bday present. great way to start off this new era. usurpery! xo

  3. awesome!! have a great great birthday weekend………. feel free to extend it to a week!! :)

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