Prayers written

Photo by Sebastian Portillo

Photo by Sebastian Portillo

November 12, 2011 – The day before I went to Provins, an old medieval city about 35 km from Marnay-sur-Seine (where the CAMAC residency was located). A friend of mine from Paris wanted to go soak in the history.

We went in a church toward the end of the day. On the exterior of the building, a plaque noted that Joan of Arc had passed through the town once and stayed a night. Inside, it was the usual routine. But by the candles there was a binder, beside it, a pen, and in the binder were hand-written notes.

Prayers written:

For my child who died much too young, be well, go you with the Seigneur.

For my father, who is unhappy.

For Edith, whom we think much of. May she marry someone she loves greater than the tall sky.

For my girlfriend, who is about to undergo a difficult surgery.

That’s as many as I could remember. But the page went on. Powerful compact prayers. Dear God, this is what I have to say. Really. This is the heart of it. Help me.

It shook me.


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