Good to see 1&1 web hosting company is against SOPA

Just got this in my inbox from 1&1’s general manager:

As a global provider of domains and hosting services, we oppose the Stop
Online Piracy Act (SOPA) or Protect-IP (PIPA) Acts currently under
consideration. While we observe the concerns of those who are troubled by
the potential impact on protecting intellectual property online, 1&1 feels
there is an urgent need to strike a balance between dissemination of and
access to information and protection against its illegal use within the
public domain.


We encourage every Internet user concerned about these plans to contribute
to the debate and to raise their voice with their local representatives in
the House or Senate. One way to express your concerns could be to use one
of the websites that emerged to protect user interests in the current
legislative debate, such as

Best regards,

Frederick Iwans
General Manager 1&1 Internet Inc

Yeah, it was also an opportunity for them to try to pull some ex-GoDaddy users into their client pool but why not? The appeal for switching web hosts came at the very end; the emphasis was on stopping SOPA – all well-balanced IMHO.

Here’s to hoping a miracle happens, and the Internet remains open.


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