Research residency invitation for next year! (IIM, Charleville-Mezieres, France)


On my way to my grandma’s for dinner, I got an email from the Head Librarian at a major puppetry centre in France offering me a two-week research residency anytime I would like to stop by next year.

(How it all came about…) Thanks to the Jean-Yves, the director of CAMAC, I was able to visit l’Institute international de la marionnette last month.The Institute is a few hours further east than Marnay-sur-Seine, in a larger city called Charleville-Mezieres, also in the Champagne region of France. Above is a photo of the facade, which they just upgraded a few years ago, and features an automated puppet show that self-presents a few minutes every hour on the hour. We got a bit of a tour of the Resource Library and got to take home a lot of beautiful books and periodicals.

After a lengthy discussion with the Head Librarian, I sent off some materials about my background and intentions a few days before leaving CAMAC… There was no reply confirming receipt, but tonight I got an email saying, “yes, congratulations, welcome, when do you want to come?”

A little exhausted from family gatherings, so I’ll have to post about what I’ll be doing at the puppetry centre another time… here’s a hint: something to do with Gulliver.

In the meantime, thank you Eva, the Head Librarian! What a lovely holiday present! Merry Christmas everyone!



2 responses to “Research residency invitation for next year! (IIM, Charleville-Mezieres, France)

  1. Congrats Helen!How wonderful is this and at such a great timing! Hope you and Señor T had a wonderful holiday and i hope to see you both before we leave for Hamilton!

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