Oops, forgot to post happy news


A bit old now, but happy nonetheless. Two days before I left my artistic residency at CAMAC, I got an email with a photo of some snail mail waiting for me back home. “Open please!” I replied, “and tell me what I got!” As I waited for the news, I realized maybe this might not be the best news to hear right now (if it were a rejection). Also, I could not for the life of me remember why The Banff Centre might be sending me a couriered letter.

Well, happy news sometimes comes in threes.

Cheque from Seneca (*cough* for a talk I had given back in April), cheque from The Banff Centre (for a bit of work I had done for Culture Days; I’d forgotten), and …drumroll… a letter from Canada Council for the Arts notifying me that I had been awarded a travel grant to participate in the CAMAC residency. Yay! Big grateful thank you to the Inter-Arts Office :)

Money is always good. Always good. But I think the best part was that I got those three messages of revenue incoming just as I was about to turn around and look ahead to the return, to the new year, to what now in terms of making-a-living prospects.

The two cheques weren’t large. And the travel grant was substantial but just covered my travel. Nonetheless, I take the threesome as an omen.

Here’s to heading into 2012 with happy intentions (and expectations!) of earning more of my living through art-making. Cheers!


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