There will be a picture of a spider web here


…Once, if ever, the Internet connection is re-established for my computer or my phone so I can upload the photo. For now I am stuck with the ancient “eMac” in the mildew-y computer room.

Got a lot of writing done over the weekend, well into Monday. Now the rhythm seems to have petered out. Dommage. Mais il reviendra.

The nice thing is that while I am stuck, in search of a new wind, Maria seems quite taken with my explanation of what a prose poem is. She was quite specific: 

I like your explanation, the way you explained it – `there are some things that are recognizable, knowable; there are some things that are abstract; you don`t know what they are; you can`t recognize or identify them; but together the two make you feel something; the tension between the two is where the work lies.`

So then she woke up and wrote a prose poem. It was beautiful. I liked it very much, and I liked hearing it in Spanish then in a quick, simple English translation she did on the spot. Here it is on her blog.

There have been other interminglings of ideas and approaches between artists. Very lovely. So nice. Which reminds me – I am supposed to set up a Dropbox folder for everyone to share ideas and inspiration whenever the mood strikes – a virtual meeting place for us after CAMAC. How to do this without using my own computer…

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