Photos of CAMAC + bike ride into Nogent-sur-Seine (neighbouring town)

Yesterday I went for a long walk into the fields behind the residency compound. It felt wonderful, getting lost, going down winding paths, not having my phone or anything other than my key.

Today, the girls (Jennifer and Maria) decided to go into town. The bike ride took about 20 minutes, maybe 25… Most of it takes place along the Seine; it is fairly picturesque all the way – river swims along on the one side, fields and trees on the other. Maria squealed every time we noticed a duck, swan or gurgle in the water. It is always nice to see the world through someone else’s eyes.

The bumpy trail was a bit treacherous at times – because my cute French bike did not have working brakes! But it’s growing on me. The handlebar is a bit low and I thought at first it was too narrow but now I think I like it this way. I forgot to take a photo. Too tired now, and must get back to work, so perhaps tomorrow.


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