Arrived! View from one of my windows…


Was a wee bit concerned there for about twenty minutes that maybe my hosts had forgotten about me. But then Karine came by and scooped me up from the Nogent-sur-Seine train station to go to CAMAC in the next town. We had a nice chat in the car about the residency, her work there, the other artists.

I just finished unpacking most of my things. Discovered that my oh-so-charming-and-rustic table is beautiful to look at but not so good for my laptop – the aging wood has warped so much that I can’t set the computer down flat. Macgyver’d up some temporary shims using some books and papers.

It’s unusually warm in France for November. 18 degrees celsius. And the sun is suddenly growing super hot and bright in my eyes as I sit in front of my charming and rustic desk facing a set of double windows.

Conditions here are a step up from Shakespeare & Company, but pretty similar in flavour.

Very hungry, going to find me some lunch. Then maybe decorate my room to make it more cosy and more me.


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