In Paris until Tuesday

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks. Took GULLIVER to HarbourKIDS weekend at the Harbourfront Centre, spent 2 days setting it up with 2 – 3 crew, performed 9 times (to packed houses and sold-out shows!), then tear down, then unpacking, then sorting out residency details, then getting travel documents together, applying for a travel grant, packing, typing up loose ends, unavoidably failing to meet up with people or to go places… now here.


In Paris until Tuesday.

I’m sharing an apartment in Belleville (yes! Like in Les Triplets de Belleville!) which is a first for me. Walked around for a few hours getting to know the neighbourhood. It’s nice, but also predictably Parisian. Boulangerie on every block, along with a traiteur and tabac.

Doing some research now on what shows are on in the city.

Just found this funny video promoting a dance show at the Centre national de danse:

Also just found out the crushing news that Wim Wenders’ film PINA is not being shown in 3D in Paris. I’m not sure it’s worth waiting until Nov 22 to take a 4.5 hr train ride (x 2 changes) to go see it in a village in the southwest. I think I am just going to have to go see it in regular 2D this Saturday. Yum.

Ooh, also I can buy a copy of it to take home. If I order it soon. Must do.

(Photo of Paris metro map taken earlier today when I was at the airport and could not for the life of me find Wifi or a SIM card vendor offering prepaid Internet access. Resorted to taking a photos of maps to find my way to my temporary apartment. How did we survive before smartphones and GMaps?)


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