Video of this face morphing is wow. The comments blow your mind some more.

I can’t stress enough: watch the above video by Kyle McDonald and read the comments. A comment that comes up repeatedly is how extraordinary and creepy the image is – and for that matter, so is the experiment. Someone named James George remarked:

I remember Joel Lewis talking once about how in the future you will be able to ‘be Bruce Willis’ — our simulations will be able to fully replicate the being of someone we idolize… but in the end there will always be this hollowness in the experience. no matter how close we get to faking these things we still aren’t actually the thing we are simulating… this is the beginning of discovering that difference. so rad

(Also, I came across the video via a tweet by William Gibson, author of Neuromancer, the book that launched the cyberpunk generation. So rad.)

There’s talk of actors getting wrapped in another actor’s face (ostensibly someone more famous or celebrated) and a few links in you can read about puppeteering with more cartoon-ish masks. That’s where my interest wanes. I like puppets but 2-D puppeteering, or for that matter, screen-based puppeteering seems so dull compared to the real thing. If a puppet’s objective is to come alive, to be alive, then bringing a puppet to life on screen is obtuse and irrelevant. Who cares if a puppet looks lively on screen? I want the flesh and blood (foam and wire) experience.


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