Fine jewellery for the urbanites


As much as I love Toronto and think we have many great and wonderful things, something I’ve noticed we really lack is fine jewellery (i.e. real gold, diamond and coloured stone jewellery) for the downtown urbanite. Growing up, my mom was heavy into jewellery. She was in the business back in Vietnam. Now that I’m older, I’m noticing the dirth of selection. There should be a Birks for a younger, cooler, edgy-er set.

With the help of some friends in the business, I’ve been doing a lot of research. I also went to see a lot of designs this week. Most of it is old and tired stuff. The best of it is sparkling and beautiful but even then it lacks that edge that I think would fly with the Queen West/Dundas-Ossington crowd.

They’ve got money, enough to spend on some well-chosen pieces. For them it’s about design and art, not about the size of the rock – particularly with all the ethical concerns, unless you’re looking at Canadian diamonds. In some ways I think it’s an easier sell. You just have to have beautiful designs. Forget the rock.

Here’s another beauty:

I’ve found a couple of interesting pieces that I think would fly well as a right-hand ring.. Or an anywhere anytime ring. Was really looking forward to test-driving one next week and see what the response is. But the supplier is now sketching out… Not sure what is going on. Sigh. Maybe it’s a sign to not bother trying to break new ground in this little niche.

Back to final reports and art submissions.


Diamond ring with removable rough diamonds – Sruli Recht / Sustainable walrus and wooly mammoth ivory jewellery – Monique Péan (courtesy of The Carrot Box)


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