Your Guide to Social Finance launches today!

Dear artists, social innovators and social entrepreneurs:

The good folks at have been working with Bruce Mau Design (and me!*) to develop this very special guide to social finance for you. Check it out at!

Inside your guide, you will learn:

There are also resources to help you access more information if you wish to delve deeper or search for social finance options near you.

Only 6 months ago, the Canadian Task Force on Social Finance released a report outlining 7 key actions that Canada needs to take to help build, mobilize and maintaing the burdgeoning social finance marketplace. Check out the report, Mobilizing Private Capital for Public Good.

*How was I involved with all this? I’m not a social finance expert, but I was very curious and wanted to learn more. Meanwhile Joanna and Peter loved the Culture Days website for which I had led the development. So they invited me to get a crash course in social finance by working with them to select a design agency and then work with said agency to develop the guide.

It was a lot of fun – it’s always great to work with people who really know their stuff. Bruce Mau Design and are both leaders in their respective fields. So it was super satisfying work – every usability concern, content suggestion or concept I brought up was heard and responded to in an intelligent and thoughtful way. It was also one of the most efficient workflows I have seen. Lots of progress between meetings, and meetings that got things done. I had a great time.

Kudos to Joanna and Peter at, and Terri, Chris, and Paddy at Bruce Mau Design!


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