When in doubt, make do with what you know


Last week I tried to construct a sail to be the new head/projection surface for the face of Gulliver. Then I realized the whole thing looks too flat. So between the lantern being too fragile and unstable, and the sail being too boring and ugly I was starting to feel pretty discouraged.

Which then put me in an overly self-critical/self-censoring mood when it came to animating the eyes for the puppet.

But!! Had a good pep talk with some good peeps. My technical director reminded me of my artistic license and renewed my faith in the original idea…

And then I had a slow progressive epiphany (the kind when you’re sort of just remembering things you had considered before but you’re refining, focusing, improving them at the same time) which was to weave back to the scenographic techniques – in this case, costume-making!

I had picked up this awesome pattern magic book in Taipei but hadn’t had a chance to use it yet. And now here is my chance! With some clever seamstress devilry I will make the limp sail into a more poetic, sculptural facial landscape for the projections.

Now if I can just find someone who knows how to read Japanese drafting instructions…


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