Where and what would happen if Alice of Wonderland and Gulliver of Travels met?

Ok that was not grammatically correct. But this is the latest direction I am going with my piece for Oboro/Festival Acces Asie.

What if Alice and Gulliver were to meet? What land would they meet in? What would happen?

Both narratives feature the carnivalesque… Both are considered Menippean satires (I think)…. Ok and more obviously both protagonists find their bodies sometimes gigantic, sometimes tiny.

What would be some jolly fun outcomes of an encounter between them – whether as 2 giants or 1 giant and 1 miniature human? Alice doesn’t meet talking horses but she does meet talking rabbits, cats, caterpillars, mice, and a host of other animals. Also, a pack of (ssshhh!) cards. They both become pets for other creatures.

I think I am having too much fun daydreaming about this one. Need to narrow down and focus!


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