Got a travel grant from Canada Council to present in Montreal!


Funny – just got home from teaching a grantwriting workshop for Seneca illustration students… Gave them a copy of my latest travel grant application as a sample for them to critique against the assessment criteria.

Came home and found mail from Council… And the envelope was marked “results enclosed”. Since I had only sent the application in at the end of March I thought no way were they replying so soon… Unless I was deemed ineligible. Which would have been terrible and terribly ironic because I had just been saying to the students that you always check your eligibility first!

Well good news is that the turnaround was indeed quick – my application was successful! I got some travel money to support the cost of going up to Montreal to present Gulliver’s Travels!

Whew. Now back to work. Gotta hike up to the office for some meetings.


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