Group work for Gulliver

(More notes aloud to track my own train of thought:)

I was writing the other day about how, as a scenographer, you make visual designs for someone to play in, act upon, interact with. It’s an essential feature of the art.

I’ve been working to pull that aspect of my training into the installations I’m making. People seem to really respond to them – probably precisely because of that interactive, playful, activation feature.

With Gulliver’s Travels, I’m brainstorming trying to come up with “group work” that the audience can participate in. Gulliver’s Travels is an event, an evening’s performance with defined start and end times, not a standalone installation that people enter and leave as they wish. Whereas with installations, I might ask the spectator to engage with the design (essentially be the actor in the creation of their own narrative), with Gulliver’s Travels I want to ask everyone to work together to tell Gulliver’s story.

Group work for Gulliver.


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