VIDEO: unedited footage of a ritual of light sculptures I created for The Whole Shebang

Ritual of Lights

Inside the theatre, at the beginning of the show, everyone takes part in a ritual of lights symbolic of the relationship between artist and public. Two dancers emerge from a trance-like dance they have been sharing in the balcony boxes above. Sitting downstage, they become people again, and notice all the other people sitting out there before them. They grow curious about the people and about the light cubes they hold. Slowly, without pressure, they cajole someone into giving up their little square of light.

More performers appear from all directions. They move through the space, gratefully accepting the gifts from the public. The exchange becomes a play on the adage, “to receive you must first give.” A reference to the attention and trust the audience offers the artists, without which the performance would be uninspired, and in this case, would not begin at all.



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