Art (sorta) on haitus. Advocacy hat on.

Gotta edit the documentation videos for The Whole Shebang, and apply for a travel grant for Gulliver’s Travels.

Just (minutes ago!) got an invitation to work with a choreographer as a dramaturg (in the European sense – not a rehearsal director, but an outside eye that witnesses and contextualizes the development of the work)… gotta put together a few small things for the grant application that is being submitted for that project.

Other things I am busy with at the moment:

  • Federal election – time to help the Canadian Arts Coalition. (You can find them on Facebook here.)
  • End of fiscal year for Canada Council – time to write final reports on what Stand Firm has been doing this year. Still preparing some recommendations and ideas for discussion at upcoming advocacy meetings. Some interesting readings available from the 2008 Mavor Moore Cultural Policy Symposium. Also preparing projections/plans/proposals for the immediate future. What will happen to Stand Firm? A most interesting question to be tackled in the next few months.
  • Last night, I went to the City of Toronto’s open consultation for the development of the next municipal Culture Plan. I think everyone was impressed with the level of discussion and engagement. The suggested discussion topics were good ideas. One of them was “Quick Fixes and Important Messages” – think some reallly useful immediately actionable ideas came out of that one. More input is still being gathered via their blog: Be sure to add your thoughts!

Fortunately, I ran into David from Clay and Paper Theatre at the meeting last night. So I asked him right away to come by in a few weeks to see a preview of Gulliver’s Travels and give me some feedback.

So, art-making sort of on hiatus. Advocacy and administration hats jostling for room on my head…



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